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Board Retreat
May 17, 2007  6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Public Event


Location: Steve Arnold’s house In Attendance: Anne, Katy, Steve G., Steve A., Jim, David, Cheryl, Paul, Matt, Eric

Note-taker: Matt


Cream of chicken soup with wild rice from Vierlings Saloon in Marquette, Michigan.

Fandango salad. Bread. Vanilla cake with raspberries.

Original Agenda Document

Agenda and Notes

Welcome & Set priorities for Board Retreat, May 17th (Katy): To discuss the suggestions for strengthening the board and work to resolve the following major issues:

  1. Closing short term gaps
  2. Developing leadership
  3. Gap analysis review

1. Closing the short term gaps (see retreat notes “Ways to Strengthen Short Term Gaps”) (Facilitator: _Jim (topic a); David (topic b)_ 60 minutes

Jim reviewed short-term fixes suggested at last board retreat and progress made toward each.

Topic a: Define the role of the person (s) acting as FOLW “communication hub”. Responsibilities:

  • needs to have access to email during the day;
  • makes sure that follow-through happens
  • makes sure closure is reached

"Communication hub" role

Internal - should there be one central "decision facilitator" or should the initiator of a topic or question carry it through? This question was not resolved, but the board agreed to start a trial period for the "decision facilitator". David suggested that this role would best be filled by an executive director. Steve A. said that it is often difficult to judge the urgency or need to respond to board communications. Matt suggested the establishment of more formal procedures and terms for operating.

Topic b: Roles of Officers. Clarify expectations and responsibilities. Identify parts of current Chair responsibilities that can be done by others . Discuss roles of Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer

Officers reviewed their current responsibilities in those roles

Treasurer, secretary, and vice-chair roles are pretty well-defined and manageable by their current holders. The chair role appears to need redefinition. Anne suggested that we pursue support and funding for an executive director position.

A proposal was made by _____ that note taking may be delegated by the secretary.

Anne suggested that the chair role be divided into an "external chief" (known as chair) and an "internal chief" (known as vice-chair).

Steve G. volunteered and was unanimously approved by the board as interim external chief (in collaboration with Cheryl through the end of her term as chair).

Jim volunteered and was unanimously approved by the board as interim internal chief.

2. Leadership development Review suggestions from 4-11 meeting for adoption. (Facilitator __Steve G._): 30 minutes

  1. Address major activities at Board meetings to confirm leadership and process (not just content) e.g. Who’s taking charge of this?
  2. Expectation for each activity that “leader” should work with someone outside the board (to increase capacity)
  3. Organize work into “clusters”
  • limited terms allowed (e.g., 1 year)
  • key person identified
  • know what you are getting into when you join a “cluster”
  1. Gap analysis at each board meeting
  • continuous addressing of gaps
  • review of action items at each meeting

3. Gap Analysis Prioritize needed next steps from 3/30/07 version

(Facilitators: __Cheryl_): 30 minutes

Postponed until ______

4. Next steps (Matt):

  • Identify items for Annual meeting Agenda (at May board meeting)
  • Type up notes Matt