Winter 2014 Newsletter

The Winter 2014 Friends of Lake Wingra newsletter has been published, and is available for download.  Get your copy here!

Volunteer Survey

Thank you for your interest in the Friends of Lake Wingra! Want to get involved? We've created the survey at the link below to take "inventory" of your possible volunteer interests. Your responses will help FoLW be certain that we have your correct contact information as well as your preferences for future contacts and activities. The survey also includes a specific question to let us know if you are NOT interested in volunteering, but would still like to receive information from our organization, so please, work through the first few questions if you'd like us to know that, too. Thank you for participating and for your support!

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Summer 2013 Newsletter

The Summer 2013 Friends of Lake Wingra Newsletter has been published, and is available here!

Vilas Park/Lake Wingra Shoreline: A Vision for the Future


 Vilas Park/Lake Wingra Shoreline: A Vision for the Future


Wingra Water Clarity Update

This graph shows the latest Lake Wingra water clarity data from the UW Center for Limnology's Long Term Ecological Research program.

Lake Wingra: A Vision for the Future

Friends of Lake Wingra is proud to present the culminating document of a three year process of developing a vision for the future of Lake Wingra. You can download a pdf of the document now. Hard copies have been sent to our mailing list. You can also pick up a copy at upcoming FOLW events. 

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Groundwater Status Report 2012

A report by Edgewood College graduate student Maribeth Kniffin about springs in the Lake Wingra watershed and how change to the watershed has affected their flow rates. The report summarizes the hydrology, groundwater storage and groundwater recharge of the Lake Wingra Watershed and the aquifers beneath it. Looking at all aspects of human interactions with water resources, the report then discusses water consumption and disposal, shallow and deep aquifer connections and a few key groundwater policies established in the State of Wisconsin and City of Madison. Download the report here.


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